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Ep 6 tracks, Released July 2020

All the compositions are by Samantha ZACCARIE & Fabrice BONY.


Samantha ZACCARIE: Jew's harp , vocals, backing vocals & bells

Fabrice BONY: Folk guitar, elven psaltery, bass tom, cymbals, shaker & backing vocals


Photo / Cover: Samantha ZACCARIE

Recorded at Lesson Home Studio , Rochefort (17)

Sound recording: Fabrice BONY  / Mixing: Fabrice BONY & Samantha ZACCARIE

Mastering: Jean-Lou GIROLD - Studio Ajl-Rec, Dinozé (88)


" Let's be less crestfallen, let's take the funky bush!"

The tube of (de) containment has (finally) arrived !!!

Lyrics / Lyrics

As the pathways of nervous system regulation are impenetrable and multiple, this is one of those we have taken in these particular times.


Knowing that a good confit is the result of a subtle association between the time factor and good local ingredients, we hope that this formula will give you satisfaction (to obtain the recipe, please contact us in Mp).

S AMANTHA Z ACCARIE : Author, performer, voice, choirs, recording, editing & video production.

F ABRICE B ONY : Composer, performer, drums, bass, guitars, rhodes, synths, choirs, sound recording, mixing, recording & video editing.


Recorded music and filming of the official music video at Lesson Home Studio , Rochefort (17) - France


Release April 23, 2020

The Devil's Evening (Angel)

Samantha Zaccarie: Vocals

Fabrice Bony: Folk guitar & Lithophone

April 13, 2020

Don't you doubt (Shannon Wright)

Samantha Zaccarie: Voice & Bass Tom

Fabrice Bony: Folk guitar

March 30, 2020

Born in Xixax (Nina Hagen)

Samantha Zaccarie: Vocals, radio solo & delirium

Fabrice Bony: Electric guitar

March 24, 2020

Sacred Geranium (Dick Annegarn)

Samantha Zaccarie: Vocals & Watering

Fabrice Bony: Folk guitar

March 18, 2020

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