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LULI is a Franco-Japanese musical collective founded in 2013. Born from the meeting between the two drummer-percussionists Tomoo Nagai and Fabrice Bony, also composers, LULI develops original music, most often improvised where rhythms rub shoulders with multiple sound spaces.

The first meeting of Fabrice Bony and Tomoo Nagai was during the tribute paid to those who disappeared from the Fukushima disaster in March 2011 at the Menuiserie de Rodez. Since then, they have come together every year to give a concert in memory of this event.

Tomoo Nagai plays metallic idiophones (chimes, tubes, bells…) and in particular singing bowls (“  orin  "). He is also the creator of original musical instruments, composed of wood, metal and other recycled materials, which allows him to explore and sculpt new sounds. Fabrice Bony works on sound spatialization and for this uses different instruments (percussions, guitars, psaltery, stones ...)

LULI likes to adapt to the acoustics of the place and sculpt the sound material from a "  skeleton  »On which the artists improvise electro-acoustic atmospheres.

Open to new encounters and creative exchanges, the collective has been enriched by collaborations with different artists  : Yasuyo Iso (Voice), Samantha Zaccarie (photo, video), Akamatsu (electronic music), Miho Watarai (piano, melodica, percussions), Miyuki Kido (visual installations), Kae Touyama (dance), Korio Saito (cello, percussions ).

The concerts they give as a duo or in collaboration are an invitation to "  Sound Dreams  ". Improvisation - which essentially guides LULI's work - allows polyrhythmic and harmonic atmospheres to develop and develop.

During their tour in Japan in April 2015, they recorded and produced the CD In the Middle of No Way which was released in March 2016 produced by the label Fusion for Peace Productions. In 2016, LULI made two concert tours in France (March) and Japan (Sept-Oct).

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