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"... The harmonic harmony of our old sisters the stones opens up all possibilities because they are wiser than us. And by magicians like Fabrice Bony, they will end up contaminating men with an irrepressible need for harmony. .. "

  Anne Sibran (Writer / Novelist) - June 2017

"Fabrice Bony was born to always amaze us. Multi-instrumentalist, alchemist of sounds, he takes us today to the depths of a cyclical experience performed on a timeless instrument: the Lithophone."
Christian Décamps (ANGE) - April 2016

Drummer by training, graduated from the Center Musical et Créatif de Nancy (CMCN) in 1991. Stage musician (ANGE, Nino Ferrer, Dorothée Daniel, Rictus…) and accomplished studio (Béatrice Thiriet, Renaud Barbier…), he records numerous records for various artists.


Multi-instrumentalist, he composed 2 solo albums Between Day (2008) and Inner Lands (2013) in the lineage of Progressive Rock and Jazz Rock. One of his many sources of inspiration is also minimalist music (Steve Reich…) and the lithophone that he developed within the Spirales Ephémères project from 2011 to 2014. In 2015, he recorded the lithophone with the composer Renaud Barbier the band sound of ARTE's documentary When Homo Sapiens made his Cinema. Then composed the Lithophonic album (2016) entirely devoted to the lithophone.


Performs in France, Iceland and regularly with the Japanese percussionist Tomoo Nagai in the French-Japanese improvised music collective LULI since 2013 in France and Japan in April 2015 and October 2016.

In 2016, he joined the Cie Les Journaliers (Théâtre Gestuel) for numerous performances with the Mud Beings and creations of Petites Fabulations sur la Mort (2019) & Petites Fabulations du Printemps (2020). Then recorded as a drummer with the composer Béatrice Thiriet for the soundtrack of the film Corniche Kennedy directed by Dominique Cabrera.


In 2017, he recorded for the composer Renaud Barbier the soundtrack of  documentary France 3 Comme des Sardines en Boite, then toured with Tomoo Nagai for shows on the texts of Pierre Loti.

Guest in Iceland at the international Fresh Winds artistic residency (Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018).

Then composes and signs the prologue to the title Nancy-Jupiter à la Nage of the new album of ANGE Happy  released in March 2018.

Along with the Lithophonic solo concerts, collective performances (Cie Les Journaliers), he developed  with trumpeter Marc Niess, the duo Fabrice Bony & Marc Niess , a project combining progressive mineral, improvised, minimalist and jazz music. Their Live Concert album was released in April 2019.

Release of his 4th album 7 + ∞ (June 2018) whose theme is Timeless Nomadism.

In August 2018, he was invited to an artistic residency  in Omachi / Nagano (Japan) and participates in the Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival. He collaborates with the Swedish choreographer and dancer SU-EN during his performance Iki-Stone.


2019, a year rich in collaborations, recordings and tours with Cie Les Journaliers , Les Poissons-Pierres and Les Êtres DeBoue. Also, he joined the Cie Carré Blanc Sur Fond Bleu for the youth show In Search of Pablo with the actress Emmanuelle Marquis and director Frédéric Sarezza.

New concert tour in Japan with Tomoo Nagai and the Luli collective. (Feb-March 2019)


He records lithophones & percussions with the composer Renaud Barbier for the soundtrack of the Arte Tv documentary series Les Nouveaux Mondes Sauvages . (Broadcast October 2019)

Invited to the 4th Organ Festival of La Réole for a meeting and a unique Lithophone and Church Organ concert with the Paleo-Musicologist Erik Gonthier and the improvising organist Uriel Valadeau.


Creation of the musical reading Fragments de Vie with the actress Emmanuelle Marquis.

The year 2020 is on the same dynamic as 2019, the SU-EN Butoh Dance Company (Sweden) is commissioning him new lithophonic compositions for his show In the Flesh (Sweden tour in April 2020). He is invited for Les 50 ans de ANGE at the Trianon in Paris and on several other dates.


The soundtrack Les Nouveaux Mondes Sauvages was released on the BOriginal label (January 2020) . Also Fabrice records the lithophones for the soundtrack of the film Petit Pays directed by Eric Barbier. Music composed by Renaud Barbier (Released in France on March 18, 2020).


Will participate in the creation of the next Les Petites Fabulations du Printemps show by Cie Les Journaliers in May 2020. 

Finally in August-September 2020, he was invited to an artistic residency in Japan for the Arts  Island Tokyo Festival.

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