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06/18/2019 @ Matha, Salle Polyvalente - Youth show In Search of Pablo.

Emmanuelle Marquis (Actress / Visual artist), Fabrice Bony (Music) and Frédéric Sarezza (Direction and body).

Photos: Frédéric Sarezza

04 and 06/06/2019 @ Studio Alhambra, Rochefort.

Recording of lithophones and percussions with the composer Renaud Barbier for the documentary series Arte Tv Rewilding

Photos: Samantha Zaccarie and Fabrice Bony

05/24/2019 @ Studio Alhambra, Rochefort.

Recording with Fabrice Bony, Marc Niess & Karine Delage.

Photos: Samantha Zaccarie, Fabrice Bony and Solam

05/18/2019 @ National Museum of Prehistory - Les Eyzies (European Night of Museums)

Lithophonic concert

Photos: Samantha Zaccarie